The Park Signalling team has extensive experience within both heavy and light rail industries.  We have developed a wide range of signalling products and solutions which have become the industry standard for monitoring and fault finding for signalling assets.


All our solutions have been designed to meet the needs of our customers, every time. We are committed to offering world-class innovation in consultancy, product design and delivery, complemented by outstanding levels of service. Our diverse range of capabilities includes:


     •  Product Design and Innovation Excellence

     •  Innovative Technology

     •  Proven Reliability and Quality

     •  Outstanding Performance

     •  Agile and Flexible Service

     •  Environmental Commitment

     •  Global Solutions Provider


We provide a technical consultancy service that offers support through the whole life cycle of products and systems, from concept to installation. We will work in collaboration with your team to deliver a unique solution for your business with our forward thinking approach and continued focus on innovation.


Our workshop and laboratory in Stockport, enables us to undertake investigations of root cause equipment failures and provide detailed reporting.


We can then identify any repair issues and ensure that a cost effective solution is found, providing a very low “beyond economic repair” threshold. We are able to provide:


     •  Prototype equipment manufacturing

     •  Re-engineering and reverse-engineering

     •  Sourcing of obsolete components

     •  Replication of obsolete equipment

     •  New equipment build / manufacture

     •  Repair and testing

     •  Calibration and certification

     •  Independent assessment

     •  Reliability improvements

     •  Hiring of test equipment



To find out more about our full range of services, please contact us.




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