Ethically sourcing for maximum impact

It’s easy to buy stationery, but it’s also easy to think that it would be difficult to source it ethically. But now EthStat is making it easy.

Liz Hancock, Unipart Rail’s Head of Safety, Health and Environment knew there must be ways of sourcing those standard office essentials in a more ethical way – and finding EthStat helped her switch quickly.

Liz said “Once I found that EthStat products are sourced locally to keep the carbon footprint low I was already persuaded to switch, but when it was also cheaper to do so AND it was clear that EthStat is a not-for-profit that invests in helping the homeless and people with dementia, it was also a huge pleasure to work with them. We now source all our stationery form them, and our Marketing team is also sourcing merchandise from the – all making sure that our spending is channelled to fantastically good causes.” 

Watch our video here, or visit the EthStat website to find out how you can start your ethical sourcing journey.

Adding Value with:

Corporate Social Responsibility